Welcome to Schloss Englar


Dear friends and guests of our house!°


We are very happy to reopen our house by May 1st 2021 and are looking forward to welcoming you again.


For more information you can contact us any time on 0039 366 3678925

or by email to info@schloss-englar.it



The Count Khuen-Belasi Family

Castle Englar

Englar Castle, which has been owned by the Counts of Khuen-Belasi for nearly 400 years, is the best preserved gothic castle in all South Tyrol.
It lies nestled amongst the orchards and vineyards of the enchanting sun-kissed hills in the south of the region. The castle opens its doors to welcome travellers who appreciate the stylish yet snug atmosphere of these history-steeped walls.
The ensemble of buildings, set amongst old cedars, also includes the gothic chapel of St. Sebastian, an agricultural farm, and a farm with donkeys and horses, free range chickens and geese, and a duck pond.
Time moves slowly here!

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